What Does a Business Analyst Do? Chronicles of Success and Tigers

  • Persona is among the primary methodologies that are used by BAs. Persona is an accurately determined portrait of a probable customer, which includes all definitive characteristics that may affect their buying preferences.
  • Good ol’ SWOT analysis. Sometimes, nothing helps better than the evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a project. Thorough SWOT analysis could be an instant insight generator (IIT).
  • Sometimes, it is essential to conduct PESTLE analysis to evaluate political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental factors. There is always a possibility of new trend that may intervene with a project.
  • A use case diagram, which provides an accurate description of the functionality of a project. The diagram describes a system of actions that a user should perform to receive desired outcome.
  • SOW, or statement of work, which is a detailed description of tasks a company should perform regarding a project under a contract with a customer.
  • Lean canvas, which helps to deconstruct your business idea into 9 (or less, it depends) key concepts: problem, customer segments, unique value proposition, solution, key metrics, competitive advantage, channels, revenue streams, and cost structure.
  • And d-o-o-zens of others, which are limited only to one’s imagination and knowledge. Math is simple: the deeper analysis you perform, the more accurate results you receive.



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